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Other Smart Repairs & Styling

​Some of the other repairs and services we provide are:

  • Windscreen repairs

  • Parking Sensors

  • Paintless Dent removal

  • Tyre Services

  • Headlamp repairs

  • New alloy wheels

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Headlamp Repairs

We are able to repair damaged and faded headlamps using our specialist headlamp repair equipment. The process comprises of a number of different stages where we have to remove the damage then re-polish the plastic using the specialist polishes.

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Windscreen Repairs

Repairing a windscreen has many benefits:

  • Having to replace a windscreen, especially when your MOT is due

  • It prevents the damage from spreading over the windscreen

  • It stops the laminate getting infected and then going white

  • Prevents cracks spreading to the edge of the windscreen

  • It saved you the cost of a new windscreen

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Rear Parking Sensors

One of our very popular service is having rear parking sensors fitted. The kit that we use is a universal kit, therefore they can be fitted to most makes and models.
We can colour code them to match the exact colour of your car, this way they blend in with the bumper and are less noticeable.
Prices start from £228.00


Paintless Dent Removal

We specialise in paintless dent removal or 'PDR' for short. Our staff have all been highly trained to carry out these repairs.
PDR is a specialist way of removing minor dents that have not damaged the paintwork without the need of more 'in depth' repairs. Specialist tools are used to remove the dents without leaving a trace that there was any damage there in the first place. A quick, easy, extremely effective and much cheaper solution. 
We would prefer to see the dent damage before we proceed to book the repairs in so that we can be sure that the procedure is possible.

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Tyre Services

We supply and fit tyres from budget to brand so feel free to give us a call for a quotation.
If your car tryes are worn below the legal limitor badly damaged you could receive a three point penalty for every tyre, that's possibly twelve points and a £1200 fine!
So we offer a free tyre safety check so you can be secure in the knowledge that you are not breaking the law.
We use the latest tyre fitting equipment to ensure no damage is caused to your alloys, especially if they have just been refurbished by us.
So pop in and see us for you free tyre safety check because we do care about your safety.