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We've had a busy few months

We have kept ourselves very busy over the past couple of months repairing all your lovely vehicles. We have had a variety of cars in with us, quite a few being repaired through Insurance which is great. Not many people realise they can choose which garage their car gets repaired rather than the Insurance sending them to some other garage, so it is good to spread the word!

We had lots of vehicles in for wax oiling, protecting the underbody of the vehicle.

And leading up to our so called 'summer weather', we have had some motorbikes in and even a trike, all getting summer ready and now back on the road.

There has been a run of Tesla's coming through the workshop which is great being that our workshop is fully EV ready!

We were lucky enough to have an Austin Healey in with us having some Dynapad noise and heat proofing to it, what a lovely car that is and it made a huge difference to the noise inside the car.

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